Actor, Movement Director, Artist

 Founder of Stage & Canvas

Hello there!

My name is Alexandra Ewing and I am an actor, movement director and artist based in sunny Suffolk. Having graduated from Guildford School of Acting in 2018 at the ripe age of twenty-five, I have treaded as many boards as would have me.

A true country girl, most of my work has been with wonderful home-grown East Anglian theatre companies such as tusk., INK and The Keeper’s Daughter. 

My forays into the Big Smoke of London has led be to become a creative associate with Bee In My Beanie theatre. Sharing their love of creative play and collaborative theatre making, I have been fortunate enough to work on their productions as both performer and movement director. 

I have created my own choreographic works, both through adaptation and my own pen,  and am hopeful to one day stage a full production of my very own (keep those fingers crossed!🤞)

As a fine artist I work with as many materials as I can get my hands on - acrylics, charcoal, watercolour, pen, pencil, papier-mâché, tissue paper, sweet wrappers, silver foil, fabric, glitter, ribbon, nail varnish, dead flowers, seeds, broken glass... you name it, I’ve probably stuck it on a canvas.

I am passionate about storytelling, magic, theatre and art .

Stage & Canvas was born out of a wish to combine these great loves of mine and to create joy in doing so. Art is something I have always instinctively drawn from when approaching plays - what happens when I make that connection deliberately?

 I am excited to start this new journey, yet no adventure is complete (or half as fun) with out a rag-tag and radical group of fellow travellers. I look forward to sharing the road with you. 

Till we meet,

Alex x